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I will use this opportunity to talk about the tons of things & ways available to increase your practice, your profits, your life!

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All of us are born with the same amount of hours and seconds in the day. Why do some become ridiculously wealthy, others moderately wealthy, many struggling,etc. Granted, there are sometimes circumstances that interfere, but most of the time, it is the ‘choices’ we make (or don’t make) on a daily basis in life.

The first thing I can say is to surround yourself with TONS of resources, including ‘resourceful’ people. Is your supplier just an order taker, or does he/she provide valuable insights on  the industry, inform you of how to improve, let you know of the latest technology….by the way…I’m obviously not only talking about your dental supplier, but your labs, all your vendors!

Be sure to attend study group meetings, continuing ed events,seminars, and don’t just restrict yourself (or your staff) to dental industry events. Check out events.pryor.com or careertrack.com, there are tons of low cost opportunities you can use to train your staff(&yourselves) to build your practice!

Learn how to use that small window of time you have with your patients to ‘train’ or educate them. Get rid of that TV in your reception area giving your patients the bad news of the economy! Place some sort of dental education media in your reception area, teaching them about dentistry and all that’s available to them today!

I love the practices that place a small brochure holder neatly tacked into the wall (or door) of the outside of their offices. When they are closed and people walk by, they can grab your office brochure. Have you thought about placing ,well, a HUNDRED, of these brochure holders filled with your brochures, in local area establishments (hair salons,restaurants,gyms,spas,etc.) Simply offer to take their brochures & business cards & keep them on a large board or display area of your practice.

Behind in your schedule, and your patient(s) getting a little disturbed? I have seen offices ‘reward’ patients (for being patient) with movie tickets, nominal gift certificates,etc, and simply say to them how much you appreciate their loyalty and for being patient.

There are countless ways to continuously build your business, cut down on your overhead, and also offer some of the latest technologies. We will be discussing those here, in this blog, and in themeantime, be sure to go on Dr Howard Farran’s site : dentaltown.com for the largest single resource of help in the dental field! Buy Fred Joyal’s (founder of 1-800DENTIST) book, and check out authors like Dan Kennedy and Jay Abraham! Don’t forget to get your September mailing of postcards to your patients ready: informing them to make their appointments now so they can take full advantage of any dental insurance benefits they have before the end of the year!


Marc Daichman

Asteto Dent Labs

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