Train Yourself This Summer

The Summer is no time to relax! It’s time to re-think your practice, your marketing strategies, and how you are going to make sure that September through December is packed with patients!

Training is everything! Those of you with ‘trained’ staff know what I’m talking about. It’s like your staff owns the practice! They’ve taken ‘ownership’ and the buck stops with them! Training is not cheap, but think about this: How much is it worth to have your revenue increased by 10,15,20 percent (or more!) and lessen the headaches of everyday practice challenges! Think about getting training for your staff!!

Now…some of you are saying, what training, what are you talking about…I mean communication, telephone skills, and yes: selling(!) or to put it nicer: closing cases, treatment acceptance, being creative in helping your patients find financing,etc. If your practice does not employ ongoing training, or a coach,it certainly doesn’t hurt to look into it!

Having been to,well, perhaps over 2000 dental offices personally in my ,let’s say:multiple decades of dental experience(!), I’d say now’s the time to ramp up your office for a busy Fall: Think about redoing those floors,décor,the front of your entrance, and of course maintain a spotless environment. I have seen a vast difference in practices over the years and trust me:patients like a more modern clean look!

Patients love cleanliness, and also high tech, be sure to use an intra-oral camera on EVERY patient, I promise you, they will talk about it! And always let them take home their ‘before’ photo so they’ll remember the beautiful treatment you provided! Nothing wrong with keeping a photo of them in their chart, so when your receptionist sees them (after noting their photo on the chart) come through the front door, they can identify them by first name!

Here’s the secret: Be Memorable. (In a good way of course!) That’s it, nothing more, 25+ years of dental experience and that’s the best I can tell you ,but it will work. Keep a dozen umbrellas in your office to give out if they need one, keep taxi numbers handy for instances when someone needs one ,etc. And start reading books about Ritz Carlton!

It’s all about service ,that’s what will be one of the very best ways to differentiate yourself!


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