Attracting more patients & thinking out of the box

Well, you are probably going to skip this section if you just finished yet another record setting Summer and are up in revenue so much already this year you are thinking of taking it easy the remaining months.

But, for those of you (including the hundreds of NJ/NY dentists I speak with each month) who have been seeing the papers (that your patients read) exclaiming that NJ has the highest unemployment rate (almost 10%) in 35 years, and the roller coaster of the stock market scaring people…well…isn’t it about time you thought about: ‘marketing’ yes, marketing, the second ‘dirtiest’ word to ‘selling’ and most feared word in the history of dentistry!

It’s very simple: You have a service & product you’d send your own family to, you should be telling everybody, proud , and confident without any doubt in your mind that your patients are better off with you than anywhere else.

To start translating this enthusiasm, let’s start with making sure you always carry around your crisp new business cards (with some sort of enticing offer on the back for new patients) but don’t forget to make sure your ‘staff’ also has their own business cards.

Now, let’s get into marketing: You should be familiar with and using the following two websites: (or a similar service)


Use constantcontact to email all your patients (yes, you’ll need to have their email addresses) every month a new FUN type offer if they refer you a new patient(for example: FREE dinner for 2 if you refer a new patient this month!) (of course you know how to purchase beautiful restaurant giftcards at 40-50% off,don’t you?) (if not keep reading)

Use to hire well English spoken telemarketers at $3-4 an hour to do perhaps the following:

(you’ve got to start thinking out of the box)

1.     Call every business or company (it’s easy to purchase a list or simply find out by googling) within 10 miles of your practice and offer for them and their employees to become new patients,perhaps an initial exam & x-rays FREE etc,make sure you mention your new hi-tech toys, your very convenient hours,etc. Better than offering them this through the phone, you may simply want to use the telemarketer to call these companies and attain the personnel director’s name & email so you can send all of them an email about your practice.

2.     Call every new resident (easy to get a list) and make a special offer to them to come in as a new patient.

Total cost,well, 20 calls an hour, $3-4 per hour, let’s say a very small risky investment(!).

Oh yes, dinners at 40-50% off,and no I am not talking about those (although they are good) certificates, I am talking about genuine giftcards or gift certificates,if you cannot buy some on (there are MANY high end restaurants in NYC and other major cities selling these through auction style sales at 50+% off) why not approach a couple restaurants in your area: tell them what you’re planning to do,and ask them if they’d be interested in getting new clients themselves,by selling you giftcards(certificates) at 50% off (not valid for tip,tax,alcohol),it’s a win-win for everyone.

Don’t forget the website: where they sell giftcards to tons of restaurants online: the trick is to ‘google’ : “icitycerts promo code” and get the code and perhaps save 40-50% off the cost of the giftcards!

One more tip, don’t do this for one month, commit to twelve months, many people like repetition, they like to know you’re for ‘real’ and are here to stay. OK, be sure to check back every 1-2 weeks for more ways to build your practice!

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