Skills Required In Industry

With our laboratory sponsoring Dr Howard Farran, CEO & entrepreneur of & Farran Enterprises, it reminds me how badly our industry needs straight forward honest hard hitting advice that Howard provides in his events.

Dental schools have trained our clients to be good and great clinicians, even scientists, ‘Doctors’ if you will , however when it comes to people skills, marketing, and business management tools, the dental schools have disregarded them.

Now, I find many dentists ‘catching up’ on these business skills, as they find themselves in a business that they must take control of, including cash flow/accounting skills,people management skills, purchasing & selling skills,and much more.

The ‘wake-up’ call that Howard provides in his courses is done so in a most entertaining way which also motivates us to bring him back to NJ each year. Dr Farran can be so brutally honest and use humor to get his point across, that some may find offensive. If that’s the case, I’d suggest a must-read book by Miguel Ruiz called ‘The Four Agreements’ where you will learn in detail not to take things personally(anything!), how to ‘do your best’ , never to ‘assume’ and be ‘impeccable’ with your word. Every business owner should have this book(or every human being!).

With over 100 registrants for our lab’s full day (Oct 3rd) upcoming event with Howard at the beautiful scenic Highlawn Pavilion in West Orange,NJ, there are but two or three specialists at most attending; This is so hard to believe because the income that most specialists count on, is from their referring GP’s. Why wouldn’t you want to be wherever your target and potential referrers are, for two reasons : One is to network with and  meet them, and secondly to understand the nature of their business and what their challenges are.

Personally, I have been to and sponsored literally thousands of dental seminars. The education of learning what the average dentist has to go through on a daily basis is amazing. Every vendor should be at most of these seminars and events, so that they learn what their customers are faced with on a daily basis. Then one can truly appreciate their relationships and be in a position to help them.

Our laboratory cannot think like a typical vendor in today’s challenging economy; Today you must be a resource for your customers, and continuing education is the best way to do that.

Keep learning and use to learn & network with your colleagues!

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