What’s hot and what successful dentists are doing….

Having contact with with literally hundreds of dentists a month, I can see clearly what’s going on between the successful dentists and ‘the others’ and it’s a lot like Dr Howard Farran (dentaltown.com the largest resource I have ever seen in dentistry) says, all successful dentists can be found taking lots of continuing ed,whether it’s an evening, full day, weekend, or week, you’ll find happy ambitious dentists at continuing ed events.

Yes, we’ve got to control costs, get our staff trained, have systems and policies (and enforce them) but there are tons of resources and companies (and people) who can help you with that.

You, yourself, need to be ‘out there’ amongst your colleagues, see what’s going on, network with vendors that are here for the long run, and keep up on the latest trends.

Years ago, I referred my brother & sister n’law to a dentist (actually a long time friend & customer of mine) and when he sold his practice recently, she asked me for a dentist this time closer to her home.

After visiting him, she raved about his digital x-ray,and the fact she gets a text on her phone reminding her of her appointment(!) and that proves that technology in a dental office IMPRESSES your patients; They are talking about it,they love the emails, texts, the hi-tech office!

And yes…if you don’t have a website..well…you need to get started yesterday,and don’t forget to make it mobile (phone) friendly!

Forget about the fact that your patients do check you out on your website, but there are thousands of prospective patients ‘searching’ for a dentist on their phone(!) every month! I know offices getting 15-20 new patients a month from their website and using various Google tools.

Market to those ‘Moms’ within 5 miles of your practice,get out in the community,network with the businesses in your town(city), and if you cannot do it, get someone in your office(hopefully an outgoing positive person!) to do it!

Everything takes work, there are opportunities out there, us vendors are counting on you!

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