Welcome to the Digital Age of Dentistry!

To keep up,compete,provide better service, our company has invested and installed a full service scanner,software, and milling unit so that our dentist clients may be serviced better and faster when needed!

Now, our bruxism restorations and zirconia layered crowns,not to mention milled Emax, provisionals, and even diagnostic waxups, are done with scanning technology and milling.

It has been proven that scanning and milling reduce redo’s to almost ZERO and have a beautiful accuracy!

If a local patient is leaving the country in 1 day, it’s now possible for our laboratory to service that dentist and not lose a ‘sale’ or a restoration to a Doctor that has an in-house milling unit.

And with our extremely reasonable fees, dentists simply do not want to invest in the 100 grand plus investment needed for an in-house milling unit, not to mention the change and learning curve for them and their staff. Our company is not at all worried about the 100 grand milling units being pushed at the dentists, as many of them have sold or returned them.

Zirconia full contour bruxism type crowns & bridges are becoming more and more esthetic with the shaded pucks provided to the labs; Granted, a larger inventory must be maintained but labs need to invest in this technology and keep reliable inventories to compete and service your clients.

As time goes on, there will be better scanners ,better milling units, that our lab will of course be trading up to.

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