Fast Turnaround

Laminates and All Porcelain Crowns


It’s True! Asteto Dent Labs will pick up and deliver your case in only one day. Our personal driver will see to it. And you get the same high quality you can always expect from Asteto Dent Labs. We can give you High Quality and Fast Turnaround.

Here’s how it works:

* The case must be scheduled with our lab seven days in advance.
* Your pick-up must be ready by 9:00am. We will return your case between 5:00 and 6:00pm of that day.
* There is a charge of $175 per unit for this special service. (This charge is easily passed on to your patient.)
* Your office must be located within 60 minutes driving time from our lab.
*Your account with Asteto must be current and in good standing.

*You may also borrow our recommended bonding kit for laminates or all-porcelain crowns.

24 Hour Service

Semi-Precious or Precious Porcelain Highest Quality!

* Your practice must be within 45 minutes of our laboratory.
* Your account with Asteto must be current.
(New accounts can call us for credit “OK”)
* You need to schedule pickup 5-7 days in advance with us.
* Your Case Is Picked Up By Our Driver Between 5-6pm And Returned 5pm The Next Day!

Fees For This Special Service:

Precious 52% Gold: $190
Semiprecious Crown Complete: $175

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