Asteto December 2012 Newsletter

Visit and keep reading Asteto News for an exciting 2013 year to come, full of practice building events & seminars!

December is a month full of holiday parties, holiday plans, and yes: using up all those end of the year insurance benefits for your patients so they can benefit the most, and you can count on Asteto Dent Labs to support you ,any rush cases, call us in advance so we can plan to accommodate your practice! Our laboratory closes only for celebration of Christmas Day and New Years Day.

2013 Carribean CRUISE week long out of Ft Lauderdale!

Join us for a spectacular week aboard the new mega-ship ‘ALLURE’ from Royal Carribean with its own Central Park!

June 23-30,visiting St Thomas,St Marteen and Bahamas(Nassau), attend our ‘Dental MBA’ course (12 hours of cont ed) featuring Howard Farran DDS,Dentaltown CEO, and bring back some extraordinary tools for your practice!

Call us at 1-800-447-7750 to be the first to receive our brochure!

LUNCH N LEARNS: Start 2013 with a goal of bringing your practice up to the next level ,provide more training for your staff! You can have lunch,continuing ed., and topics like : patient treatment acceptance,handling insurance phone calls, team building, medical emergencies in the dental office,implant reviews of fixed restorations and prosthetics,etc, just call  us to schedule: 1-800-447-7750! At no cost to you!

Resources to build your practice success:

  • Trabecular metal implants from ZIMMER,if you have not heard of it,call us (or your local Zimmer rep),with these implants, your patients can can the final crown restored in 2-3 weeks,yes, that’s weeks, not months! And stop by Zimmer,in Parsippany,NJ where the alloy is manufactured, for an impressive tour. This can dramatically improve implant case acceptance thanks to the innovative Zimmer implants.
  • Pulpdent has a very impressive all in one porcelain repair kit including the etching gel for porcelain,for a flyer brochure or info, call the Pulpdent rep Alyssa at 617-901-0262 and ask for the info on ‘Embrace’
  • Impression taking updates include the time saving triple trays from Espe-Premier that don’t require adhesive and the new material called Identium ,an impression material combination of Polyether and PVS yet less expensive than Impregum,call Ritchie Cucolo at 973-809-1895 rep for Kettenbach !
  • Implant abutment supported crowns: Call us at 1-800-447-7750 for our free insurance code flowchart describing all the needed codes.
  • Biomet 3i Encode tips:

Make sure the height of the healing abutment collar(not including the domed portion) is 1mm above the gingival on all sides.

Hand tighten the Encode abutment with a hex driver to insure proper seating & take radiograph.

Verify impression is free of imperfections & bubbles so that accurate scanning can be done.

Very simple ,saves chairtime ,call us at 1-800-447-7750 for more info!

Dental study groups,organizations,specialists:

If you are looking for speakers,programs, and even vendor help financially for dinners & events, call Marc at Asteto 1-800-447-7750 for information on how we can add value to your group in 2013!


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