Asteto December Newsletter 2016


Asteto Dent Labs remains OPEN during the holiday season and will be closed ONLY FOR DECEMBER 26th   (Monday)  and JANUARY 2nd (Monday) for the holidays!

Please call us 1-800-447-7750 with the dates of your office closing(s) so our staff may schedule your deliveries accordingly!

WINTER is here! Order our ‘foam-lined’ container ($39) for keeping cases in when your office is closed but expecting a delivery or need a pickup! 1-800-447-7750!


Please be sure the Dr’s name is written on each Rx (Our lab does receive cases without Dr’s names, so this holds up delivery as our staff doesn’t know which office the case belongs to)…..

And when possible ,to avoid extra delivery costs: Please pack each case separately but place into one bag or one box,perhaps separated by a rubber band, as our delivery services do charge now per package.

LUNCH n LEARNS: IMPROVE and BUILD YOUR PRACTICE:  Lunch n learns introduce you to perhaps new technology and new information your team can learn from and help you succeed in this  insurance driven economy. Feel free to call us for a list of our now 6 topics including ‘Adding $100,000 to Your Practice’ ‘Implants/Review’ ‘BioActive Materials’ ‘Social Media’ ‘Patient Financing’  and ‘Digital Dentistry’ where you get lunch for entire staff, 2 CE credits, and terrific information complimentary from Asteto: Call 1-800-447-7750 to schedule!

Ask for a brochure to be faxed to you/and simply provide us with 2 dates to choose!

IF YOU are looking to BUY, SELL a practice, let us see if we can ‘connect’ you;

Talking to hundreds of dentists, our lab and our vendor friends can help connect you,make us aware of your needs and we’ll call you the moment we meet a prospect for you: looking for an associate,buying or selling, etc 1-800-447-7750!

2017 may bring a NEW Rx design for your practices from us. With the number of new materials, as well as more specific needs: For example: as we try new items such as ‘diespacers’ it’s important we know if you prefer NO spacer, many layers, 2-3 layers,etc.  When this becomes available you will get a new supply from us!

Feedback forms: Important for our business but helps our technicians greatly, attached to our invoice is a feedback form for each restoration: Our techs LOVE your feedback and so do we,as it’s our goal for you to seat the crown(s) in very few minutes, your feedback helps us on your very next case, please take a minute to return these slips to us, thank you!

2017 CONTINUING ED events: Keep watching our newsletter for many upcoming SPRING events while you may feel free to call us anytime for a schedule of study clubs, perhaps in your area, that you can attend, with all types of speakers & topics, call us at 1-800-447-7750.


Greg from Merchant Advocates: Saves dental practice an average of $200-400+ a month, by examining your current monthly credit card statement (free of charge) and then negotiating (without you changing) with your current supplier for credit card processing: Call him at 973-452-1442!

Sheila from Wagner Rotary: the BEST zirconia and rotary wheels for a dental practice at a reasonable fee: Call Sheila at 1-888-223-2231 for free catalog!

Cucolo Supplies: Call Ritchie Cucolo 973-809-1895 for a free 30 day trial of his Kettenbach CORE buildup material & also ask about Identium: a polyether/polyvinyl best selling accurate impression material, excellent prices!

Kadi Dental: Most widely used handpiece repair in NJ and best turnarounds & fees: mention Asteto for $25 off for new clients: Call ‘Taha’ at 908-896-0502

SPECIALIZING for dentists: call us for anything financial (loan consolidation,large purchase financing etc) or accounting firms that specialize in dentistry, or referrals for purchasing dental digital scanners, large equipment purchases,etc! 1-800-447-7750 

IMPLANTS, EMAX, ZIRCONIA layered or full contour (Bruxir), all types of crowns/bridges/dentures/partials/repairs/Valplast, feel free to call us with questions and let us help you plan your cases!