Asteto July 2013 Newsletter


JULY 28th Sunday in Weehawken,NJ!

9:30am at the Sheraton Harbor Hotel (Weehawken,NJ) seminar by Dr Nick Elian on ‘Implant Trends’ including treatment planning ,provisionals, socket mgt., and more! (2 hrs of cont ed) and then from 12Noon-2PM enjoy the Spirit of NJ cruise/brunch around NYC and the Statue of Liberty! All for $59/person!

RESERVATIONS a must ahead of time!! Call 1-800-447-7750!

The VIZSTARA Mentorship Program with Dr Nick Elian(Prosthodontist) in Englewood Cliffs,NJ on Implant Fundamentals is a 9 month biweekly program designed to bring your practice to a new level in implant treatment planning and surgical skills. Your one on one and hands-on live surgery experiences will build your skills and your practice. To find out more and hear in detail, call Linda Barba (Vizstara Educational Director) at 201-816-4000!

August 2nd9AM-5PM ‘Anatony of the Head and Neck for the Dental Professional-A Cadaveric Laboratory Study’ with Dr Phelan and Dr Finn: limited to 21 attendees, you will experience different cadaveric specimens at various workstations and explore the anatomy of the head & neck in a most realistic way!

For a free brochure: Call us at 1-800-447-7750 or call Vizstara 201-816-4000!


From several study clubs to well known lecturers like Dr. Paul Homoly to implant training events with Dr Glen Applebaum and Dr Nick Elian, you will have dozens of opportunities to attend fun day & evening events at the lowest possible fees!

Asteto Dent Labs will publish all these in a nice brochure during the end of August, but to keep on top of the latest, go to and read our newsletter along with watching our event calendar!

Summer has arrived so remember to order your foam-lined case container(holds several cases) from Asteto($39) to keep outside your practice when closed so that pickups& deliveries can be made!

Call 1-800-447-7750!

Schedule your FAST TURNAROUND cases in advance: Call Nina at 1-800-447-7750, laminates, crowns, and more!

Emax, Zirconia, PFM’s, Valplast, Dentures,Partials,Repairs, Relines,Bruxism Crowns,and moré! 973-763-1000

EXTRA tools for case planning:

  • Digital pictures: Getting patients expectations met can be challenging,don’t forget to email us at Asteto your digital pictures so our techs have the chance for the best possible outcome!
  • Your impressions: There are some new more reasonably priced impression materials out there on the market,call us(ask for Marc) for info but regardless,using a heavy body with a wash technique has proven successful. Be sure to examine your impression before sending your patient home.
  • Bite registrations: The patient is numb, has no idea what ‘centric’ means so your staff needs to help guide them through the bite process. Remember that the less bite material used between the opposing dentitions, the better.
  • Your prescription to the laboratory: Don’t forget the shade, the return date, specific designs,etc.

Common challenges:

  1. If your temp is loose in contact with adjacent teeth, tooth movement can cause tight contacts for the final restoration(and likewise if too tight, the final restoration may have an open contact!) so take a little more time making a nice temp so that the final restoration may be adequately fitted.
  2. Make sure your temp is not ‘loose’ in occlusion with the opposing teeth,because this can cause multiple adjustments on the final restoration.
  3. Sometimes larger cases may need to be reviewed for accuracy,and even though it could mean additional appointments, be open to taking ‘try-ins’ rather than going right to finish. Asteto Dent Labs does not charge anything extra for try-ins in fixed or re-moveable restorations.

New Intra-oral Digital camera:

Captures Imaging/USB 2.0 6-LED 640×480

Automatic Focusing, Save pictures as JPEG files!

Connect & displays on your computer screen in beautiful color!

High quality: USE IT EVERY DAY, VERY EASY for any staff member to use! Simply plug into your USB port!

(Be sure to use those disposable covers of course!)

Asteto Clients may purchase for $79 (30-day money-back guarantee!)(manufacturer warranty of 1 year), Purchase two for 149!

Purpose of this is to increase case acceptance: And allow easy use with your staff showing these close-ups to patients. 1-800-447-7750

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