July 2012 Newsletter

Visit our newly designed website:asteto.com and keep up with our continuing ed events!


LUNCH n LEARNS at your office:

Continuing ed(credits too), lunch, and a terrific program at NO cost: It’s our investment in building your practice amd if you’re new to us, introducing our laboratory! Topics include: Implants, Practice Building(solving your everyday challenges to take your practice to a new level), Bartering (a little known but valuable tool for your business!), Marketing with Smile Reminders ( a low cost way to email patients and confirm appointments and more!), Medical Emergencies in the dental office overview,and more,Call Marc at 1-800-447-7750!


Upcoming Events:



$49/person includes the 9:30AM (2 hours of cont ed) seminar ‘Medical Emergencies in the Dental Office’ with Ken Frucci at the Sheraton in Weehawken,NJ and the 12Noon-2PM SPIRIT OF NJ brunch/cruise around NYC & Statue of Liberty!

Bring your staff!!! Call 1-800-447-7750


JULY 27th Friday FULL DAY 9AM-4PM at ‘Symposia’ in Franklin Lakes,NJ come hear Dr Matthew Krieger on ‘The Million Dollar PPO’ for a real world dentistry view of handling and maximizing insurance PPO practices: Call us for a brochure to be faxed to you! (1-800-447-7750) $199/Dr $99/staff member includes breakfast,lunch, and 6 hours of cont ed.!


AUGUST 3rd (repeated Sept 14th) FRIDAY: CEU Dental Medical Emergency Training! Location: Bridgewater Manor Rte 202-206 in Bridgewater 9AM-4:30PM, call us for a brochure 1-800-447-7750 or call trainer Ken Frucci directly at 917-439-7338 (in-office training available)


AUGUST 17th FRIDAY 1PM-4PM ‘RESTORING DENTAL IMPLANTS’ with Dr Paul Goodman (3 hours cont ed) $49/person at the Sheraton in Eatontown,NJ, call us for a brochure/flyer: 1-800-447-7750!!



THE DENTAL MBA with Dr Howard Farran OCT 3rd Highlawn Pavilion in West Orange,NJ FULL DAY(!) Reserve now for $129 (for first 50 Drs) and $99/staff member. (Breakfast,lunch & 7 hours cont ed)

Call 1-800-447-7750 Sponsored by Asteto Dent Labs!

OCTOBER 24th: FULL DAY event at the beautiful Seasons Catering in Washington Twshp.,NJ 9AM-4:30PM Building Your Practice with IMPLANTS: Hear Dr Javier Urquiola & Dr Glen Applebaum on the Hybrid Prosthesis and Multi-Unit Screw Retained Posterior restorations, along with terrific speaker from the DRA(Dental Resource Alliance) on Growing Your Practice! $129/Dr and $69/staff (fees will increase after initial 50 registrants reserve so hurry & call now!)

(Included is a terrific breakfast & lunch & 7 hrs cont ed)

Call 1-800-447-7750! Bring your staff!


Terrific resources for your practice & life(!):


Go to mypoints.com and trade in all those frequent flier points you don’t use, for valuable giftcards etc! registration is free!


Going away? (Don’t forget to inform Asteto so we can deliver on the dates you are in!) And call Oksha 973-255-7847 for low and reliable cost airport runs (tell him Asteto Dental Labs sent you!)


Home Sleep: A very innovative company placing your patients sleep appliances & diagnosis through their medical insurance, a tremendous practice builder(courses in NJ to follow!) Call Meslissa at 201-967-1111 for a free in-office visit!


Kadi Dental: Repairs handpieces & cavitrons all over the tristate area fast & very economical: Call Taha at 908-896-0502! (and congratulate him for their new baby girl!)


If your office is overwhelmed with insurance claims or claim issues: Call Kelly at 862-754-9311 (see claimhelpllc.com) for a free consultation on how she can dramatically improve your cash flow and practice!



ASTETO case container: Valuable especially in the Summer months is ideal for delivering & us picking up cases,outside your door,is foam-lined,weather resistant and holds several cases:$39 1-800-447-7750!


FREE estimates and case designs on all implants, full mouth cases, overdentures,and more from Asteto Dent Labs!   1-800-447-7750

Call us for our list of programs & speakers available for your study group events!

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