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How Can You Give Your Patient a Crown Without Removing their Partial Denture?

With the “Crown Under the Partial” Technique!


At Asteto Dent Labs, we believe in giving both YOU and your patient the best service possible … for the best smile possible!
Using our “Crown Under the Partial” technique, your patient does not have to give up the partial, making it convenient, comfortable, and esthetically pleasing. And, since the patient is, wearing the partial while the crown is being fabricated, there is no need to rush the case:

Eating and talking are not affected, as in the traditional method. Best of all, the entire crown is completed in onIv two visits-the initial impression and the final cementation. In other words, you receive a finished crown, with no try-in!

See below for details.

Fabrication of a Crown Under a Partial (Without the Partial):

1. Cut and prepare your normal tooth prep.
2. Do not retract (issue or take the final impression yet.
3. Mix your Ramitec (ESPE Premier) material and load into a syringe.
4. With the help of your patient, place the partial securely into its normal position.
5. Squirt the material inside the clasp/rest area and over their prep. Let it set.
6. Remove the partial-with the Ramitec material attached to it.
7. Finish packing the tissue and take your final impression without the partial in the mouth.
8. Remove (by sliding off) the Ramitec material from the partial and place it into an Asteto polycon for safekeeping. Send it with the impression, bite and counter to Asteto Dent Labs.


Ramitec is the yellow bite material from ESPE Premier. We recommend it because it flows easily from your syringe into the underside of the clasp/rest area without disturbing the critical position of the partial.
As with any normal crown and bridge procedure, the impression must be accurate and readable.

The lab can take normal working time on these cases, since there is no rush to return the partial to the patient.
This procedure is actually better than having the partial picked up in an impression with the crown prep, because the laboratory often, with that technique, has difficulty in seating the partial on to a stone cast, whereas, with procedure, the dentist seats the partial on to the soft tissue in the mouth.
For Asteto Dent Lab customers and for doctors interested in sending cases to Asteto we have a 10 minute video (VHS) on this procedure available on loan.
An extra charge of $10.00 above our normal crown fee is added to cover our extra lab time.

Asteto Dent Labs has fabricated more cases of crowns without partials than any other lab in New Jersey- possibly even more than any other lab in the United States! Our laboratory has provided technical clinics on this technique and has fabricated hundreds of cases using it.

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